An Evening of ATC Crafting Fun

One of the things I love about Social Media is how easy it makes connecting with people who share common interests!

Kym (@herrohachi), Sami & Marissa (@momomintsshop) and I (@whythisbox) have been following each other on Instagram for several months now, enjoying each other’s crafty, interesting, and fun photos. Since we are all local Vancouver crafters, I thought it would be a great idea to meet up & do something crafty together! A few Instagram comments & Facebook messages later, we were all set for our first little meet up – crafting over bubble tea & snacks in Aberdeen Centre!

photo 2

An evening of crafty fun with @herrohachi & @momomintsshop!

While Kym was busy ironing out meet-up details such as setting a date, time & location that was convenient for all of us, I got thinking about what we could do as a fun meet-up activity!

Making Artist Trading Cards (ATCs) was the first thing that came to my mind. A simple activity that gives free rein to creativity, it promotes camaraderie via trading our art, and lets us leave with small & inexpensive keepsakes as souvenirs of our meet-up! None of the girls had heard of ATCs before, so I told them to just bring some simple crafting supplies to decorate cards with, and I would bring other ATC-making supplies to share.

photo 1

Lots of crafty supplies shared by Kym, Sami, Marissa, and myself!

All of us had a great time making our ATCs!  At the end of the evening, we traded our ATCs with each other. Each of us went home with 3 beautiful, one-of-a-kind pieces of art hand-crafted by someone else in the group!

photo 3

Our completed ATCs!

Thanks Kym, Sami and Marissa for coming out & crafting! It was lovely meeting all of you talented crafty ladies and spending some quality crafting time with you! Looking forward to our next crafty meet-up! 😀

Check out more photos & momomints’ recap of our crafty evening over at the momomints’ blog!

Crafters, what crafty activities do you get up to when you meet up with other crafters? Would love to hear your ideas in the comments below!

And local Vancouver crafters: let us know if you are interested to be a part of our next crafty meet-up! 🙂

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