[Game Review] LINE Rangers (iOS, Android)


LINE is a communication & messaging app. Over the years, LINE has released a variety of successful games for users to enjoy playing with their network of LINE friends.

In LINE’s latest game offering LINE Rangers, players play through more than 80 stages of tower defense, collecting adorable Ranger characters of varying skills. The ultimate goal? To rescue cute LINE character Sally from the clutches of her evil alien abductors!

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➲ Genre

  • Tower Defense

➲ Hands-On


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There are 4 types of currency in the game:

  • Feathers
    • Automatically regenerate with time (1 every 20 mins)
    • Can be purchased with Friendship Points / Rubies
    • Used as a token for playing each stage
  • Rubies
    • Can be purchased with real money (In-app purchase)
    • Used for exchange of Feathers / Coins, playing the Gacha machine
  • Coins
    • Earned after successful clearing of any stage
    • Can be purchased with Rubies
    • Used for Upgrades, Ranger Level Up synthesis, powerful add-on Items
  • Friendship Points
    • Gifted by Friends / Rewarded by system for helping Friends
    • Used for playing the Gacha machine, Feathers

Gift Box

  • Notification centre that lets you accept gifts from the system (Rangers Team) as well as your friends

Gacha Machine

  • Normal & Premium grade Ranger characters available
  • Random probability
  • Uses Rubies / Gacha Ticket (from events) / Friendship Points

My Team

photo 2

  • Select team members from your inventory of Ranger characters
  • View Ranger stats
  • Sell Ranger
  • Level-Up Ranger (Synthesize 2 Rangers to increase Ranger strength)


Using Coins, upgrade various supporting factors for added success in defending your tower:

  • Missile Power
  • Tower HP
  • Mineral Production Rate
  • Max Mineral Limit


Friends are an integral part of almost every LINE game. LINE Rangers is no different in this aspect. Friends are great to have so you can…

  • Earn Feathers & Rubies by inviting them to the game
  • Send / Receive Friendship Points
  • Send / Receive randomly selected helper Ranger
  • Have the option to deploy helper Rangers from a friend during any stage


  • Pre-defined Ranger sets offer players a chance to collect different types of Rangers in exchange for reward Rubies
  • Enemies are also ‘collected’ in a separate tab after you have defeated them in a stage (No reward though)


photo 3

  • Unlock bonus upgrades with 1-3 star treasure items
  • Treasure items are awarded (somewhat randomly) at particular stages of the game
  • Stages can be replayed to try & obtain higher-starred treasure items


photo 4

  • Overview map shows you which stage your friends are at
  • Previously cleared stages may be replayed by selecting the particular stage’s number button
  • Single use items such as Tower Repair or Meteor (costing Coins) & Friends or Sidekicks (costing Coins) may be added on for aid in any stage
  • Each stage has a variety of cute enemy characters to battle & defend your tower against

photo 1

  • Coins, bonus items (including rare Ranger characters) & Ranger level-ups are awarded upon clearing a stage


photo 2

  • Surprise events keep things fresh in the game by offering exciting time-bound promotions

➲ My Rating

✮✮✮✮✮ (5/5)

  • Highly addictive with little to no learning curve (game mechanics are easy to pick up)
  • Fans of the LINE character stickers will love this game as it brings the adorable LINE characters to life with appealing graphics, fascinating cut-scenes, and smooth animation throughout
  • High replay value as you can repeatedly return to replay completed stages, as well as set up your team each time with a large variety of different Rangers

➲ Download


21 thoughts on “[Game Review] LINE Rangers (iOS, Android)

    • Hehe, I bet!! It’s definitely my fave LINE game so far!
      Tower defense is also incidentally my personal fave genre of games to play.. so this game’s perfect for me! 😛

  1. came across this review, good job! LINE rangers is definitely an awesome and addicting game x) though there are some levels that are just impossible to complete in one go….the characters are keeping me through it..haha..

    • Hi Rosalind,
      Thanks for your comment! Glad you enjoyed this review! 😀
      Yes, I agree – some stages are crazily difficult! I’ve been stuck at Stage 54 for quite awhile now.. T_T

  2. Nice review! Highly addictive game indeed. It’s embarrassing, but this is the only game app I’ve ever made purchases in. Spent a bunch of money on rubies and eventually got some good ones to help get past 81. I’ve been recording all of the Ranger stats on my blog also since there appears to be no in-game inventory with this info. Started out as a listing, evolving more into game & stage-specific insights. But anyway still no sorcerer Cony on my team, still stuck at 84 😦 Hope you have had better luck!

    • Hey! Thanks for stopping by & commenting! 🙂
      I just checked out your blog – I love your tips & Ranger stats info!! Left you a comment there & bookmarked! 😀
      And Sorcerer Cony is totally on my wish list too.. she’s so cute! 😛
      Good luck! hehe

  3. i wonder if you knew how to get 3 stars on each treasure that we can get. i suppouse that will effect for the treasure itself. sorry if my english are bad.

  4. This is so embarrassing. I find this game really cute but I just don’t know the mechanics. I managed to go to other levels though but I just don’t know what I am doing lol.
    How do you actually kill your opponent? If I am not using the missile or help from friends it seem to be impossible to kill them.

    Any tips?

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