iOS 9.1 Introduces A Large Offering Of New Emoji

Apple’s latest operating system iOS 9 will officially be released to the public on September 16, 2015. With this new release comes a major update to the emoji library.

The Unicode Consortium – the organization responsible for the code creation of new emoji designs – released its latest batch of emoji earlier this year in June with Unicode Standard Version 8.0. Now, with the upcoming release of iOS 9.1, Apple has added a large number of these symbols to its native emoji keyboard.

As part of the iOS 9 developer preview released last Wednesday, I was able to get a first look at all the new emoji coming to Apple devices in iOS 9.1.

Apple’s iOS 9.1 is likely to be released at the end of this year.

Notable interesting new emoji include a batch of new smiley faces, popular food items such as a burrito and a hotdog, a unicorn, a robot, more sports and travel emoji, and a large update to the list of country flags.

Here are all the currently known new emoji available on iOS 9.1:

And here is the updated offering of country flags that will be available earlier, in iOS 9.0. Each section is as seen on the Emoji keyboard:

Which new emoji are you most looking forward to using? 😛


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