Hashflags: Twitter’s Easter Egg For Emoji Fans


For Star Wars fans enjoying the “Force Friday” frenzy today, Twitter has another neat little surprise for you: Star Wars hashflags!


➲ What are Hashflags?

Hashflags, also known as Twitter Emoji, are tiny images that Twitter appends to the end of some hashtags. They are are somewhat of an Easter egg for Twitter users, since they appear automatically when certain hashtags are used during a particular time period.

Hashflags are often only active for a short duration of time, usually in conjunction with a popular event or occasion. Once the time period has passed, hashflags disappear from all new and old tweets that contain the corresponding hashtag.

Hashflags are currently only supported on the Twitter.com website and the Twitter iOS app.

For a complete listing of current and past hashflags seen on Twitter, check out this site: hashfla.gs

What do you think of this interesting Twitter Easter egg? Do you like seeing hashflags automatically show up when you use certain hashtags?


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