IKEA Canada’s Twitter-activated Vending Machine


IKEA Canada is celebrating the launch of its 2016 catalogue with a fun social media campaign that involves a Twitter-activated mobile vending machine.

Stefan Sjostrand, President of IKEA Canada, says, “We know that Canadians like to engage and connect through social media. Throughout August we hope to excite our customers about the new 2016 IKEA Catalogue and inspire them to turn their dream home décor projects into reality.”

The Grab Life by the Catalogue campaign brings social vending machines to several IKEA locations across Canada this month.

The machine doles out prizes when customers tweet @IKEACanada with the hashtag #GrabLifeByTheCatalogue & a unique PIN number, obtained by pushing a button on the machine.

My tweet got me a $5 IKEA gift card, while my friends received coupons for free food items from IKEA Restaurant, such as hotdogs and frozen yogurt. The grand prize appears to be a $250 IKEA gift card.


Here are the details for the upcoming dates and locations for IKEA Canada’s Grab Life by the Catalogue campaign:

August 29 & 30, 2015

IKEA Boucherville, IKEA Coquitlam, IKEA Edmonton, IKEA North York, IKEA Vaughan

Social media fans and IKEA lovers in Canada, be sure to check out this Twitter-activated vending machine for some social media-powered fun! Good luck!


11 thoughts on “IKEA Canada’s Twitter-activated Vending Machine

    • Hey Elliot! Nice to hear from you here on my blog! 😀

      Hmm.. I haven’t decided yet, but it’ll probably go toward the next piece of furniture I’m planning to buy for my room (another glass display cabinet)! 😛

    • Also.. I just tried to visit your site but it took me to a maintenance page.. 😦

      I remember reading some of your short stories before; hoping to read more soon, when your site is back up! 😀 cheers!

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