[Box Review] Candy Japan: October Part 2 Box

A few months ago, I came across Candy Japan, a subscription box service for Japanese snack lovers. The foodie in me was immediately intrigued! Snacks from Asia, particularly Japan, often come in all sorts of unique flavours and cute packaging. I was eager to see what a surprise box of hand-picked Japanese snacks would yield, so I gave Candy Japan a try.

➲ Box Details

  • Type: Food (Snacks)
  • Country of Origin: Japan
  • Number of items: usually 1-3 different items, depending on weight
  • Cost: US$25 for 2 boxes a month + Free shipping worldwide

➲ Box Contents

photo 2

Candy Japan October Box (Part 2) Contents

The box arrived to me in Canada about a month after it was mailed, via regular post. The packaging was simple but had a cutesy look to it. This box was a ‘Part 2’ box for the month of October, so it contained only about half the quantity of items that subscribers will get each month.

➲ Taste test

photo 3

Matcha Chocolate Balls

The first item that I tried from this box was the Matcha Chocolate Balls. Filled with creamy matcha chocolate & a crisp, crunchy exterior, these balls were the epitome of melt-in-your mouth goodness! 😋 Needless to say, they disappeared very quickly into my tummy soon after opening the package!

photo 4

Pokemon Pretzels

The next item actually caught my eye with its super cute packaging. The Pokemon Pretzels are not of the usual well-known ‘Pocky’ brand, but essentially, they are what most people would call ‘Pocky’ sticks. These pretzel sticks had one of the most interesting flavours I have tried thus far! Each stick was covered in white chocolate & drizzled with little gem-like candy chips! The resulting taste was very similar to that of a cake pop, and quite electrifying – true to character of the main mascot of Pokemon, Pikachu the electric mouse!

photo 5

Sakeru Gummi

Last but not least, I opened the package of Sakeru Gummi. This chewy grape gummy candy had a very interesting taste & texture. Supposedly, one should tear off strips to eat each piece bit by bit, but I was too eager to sink my teeth into them that I just unwrapped each piece and chewed off chunks at a time! I loved the flavour burst from each piece!

➲ My Thoughts

Everything in this box tasted great! The items chosen were interesting and not commonly found in typical North American Asian chain supermarkets. I liked that Bemmu (the guy who runs Candy Japan) also sends out an accompanying e-newsletter of sorts, where he shares his thoughts about the candy sent in each shipment, as well as other tidbits about life in Japan.

My only gripe about this subscription box was that the quantity was a little small. Perhaps having a few more items would offer subscribers a greater variety of snacks to enjoy, and make each box last a little longer than just a single sitting! 😛

➲ Want this box?


5 thoughts on “[Box Review] Candy Japan: October Part 2 Box

  1. Wish the boxes would have more content, especially because it takes a whole month to arrive :O

    On a random note though, I wanted to try the food subscriptions from “FANCY” but $40 seems a lil steep for snacks, know anyone who’s on it? 🙂

    • Candy Japan sends 2 boxes in a month. But yes, I also was hoping each shipment contained a little more stuff, considering the overall cost. I haven’t checked out the FANCY boxes yet. If you do get them, please let me know what you think about them! 😛

    • Yes, it’s definitely a great way to discover new & quirky Japanese snacks! The only drawback is.. It won’t be easy to find & get more of something you like (locally), after it runs out! haha 😛

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