4th Annual Vancouver Mini Maker Faire


Now in its fourth year, the Vancouver Mini Maker Faire (VMMF) is an annual community event that showcases creativity at its finest. Last weekend, I had to opportunity to attend this 2-day event and participate in some of the fun & educational workshops there!

photo 1

One thing I really enjoyed about this year’s VMMF was the vast diversity of Makers at the event. Artists, crafters, engineers, farmers, computer hackers, welders, bakers, and designers – these are just a few examples of the types of wonderfully creative people showcasing what they had made or learnt.

Titanoboa, a 50ft electro-mechanical snake built by eatART

photo 2

Kids and adults alike were fascinated by Russel Kramer’s Super Solar Powered LED Stereo Rave Shopping Cart Tricycle

3D printing was a hot favourite this year. It was amazing to see all the fascinating creations that were being printed out on a wide variety of 3D printers, owned by all the different 3D printing enthusiasts. I was particularly impressed with this one guy’s self-built 3D printer:

Here it is in action, printing a mini frog figurine:

I also really liked the MakerBot Replicator Mini, as it seems to be a good sized 3D printer to have at home for personal hobby use:

Another of my favourite booths was eBoy‘s fun pixel art booth. I have always been a fan of pixel art, so you can imagine my excitement when I saw all the neat pixel art products there!

Thanks eBoy for the sketchbook & postcards, and the DIY pixel art molds! My friend & I had a great time making our own sheep & bunny pixel art designs!


In addition to the regular concession stand at the PNE Forum, there were also several food trucks at VMMF this year:

The food kept me fueled throughout the day on both days, as I explored the booths and participated in the workshops!


Get Started With Crochet with Natalie Gagnon of Nattypat Crochet

This starter workshop was perfect for learning the basics of crocheting. With the small class size of 5, we were each able to receive personal hands-on guidance – from how to hold a crochet hook to making our first crochet stitches. Natalie’s patience and clear instructions made it easy for all of us to get started on crocheting a scarf or a dishcloth!

Introduction to Candle Making with Nathyn Sanche of Make It Be

In this workshop, self-professed fire enthusiast Nathyn Sanche gave participants an eye-opening introduction to the art of candle making. His passion for candle making began when he was just a little kid – he confessed to melting crayons to make different types of candles!

To form our candles from scratch, we each took turns patiently dipping our candle wicks into a pot of molten beeswax that had been heated to the optimal temperature of 150 – 160 °F.

Nathyn’s passion for his craft was contagious – all of us were thoroughly enraptured once we got into the rhythm of dipping & shaping our slowly-forming candles! Each person’s candle turned out different, because we were dipping our wicks into the molten wax at different speeds and depths!

As a tech geek & craft lover, being at this year’s Vancouver Mini Maker Faire was a truly inspiring experience. I am already looking forward to next year’s event!

➠ For more information about the Vancouver Mini Maker Faire, check them out on the following social media channels:
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12 thoughts on “4th Annual Vancouver Mini Maker Faire

  1. Maker bot is really cool… $1375 is a bit much though. 😡 The idea of just being able to buy or download designs and print them at home is really exciting

  2. wow I learned to crochet as a kid, But it was so long ago I probably need practice again, That candle making hobby though? careful cause it really IS an addictive hobby, there’s so many designs and distinct variations on how it lights up. As for the 3D printer, man I hope that in time it’ll become more affordable 🙂

    • Oh nice!! Didn’t know you were into crafts too, Andy! You should pick up crocheting again! It’s pretty relaxing & fun hehe 😛 Have you done much candle making before? It was my 1st time trying my hand at it at the VMMF! 😀 Really enjoyed it! And yes.. Hopefully 3D printers will become the norm soon! 🙂 Such exciting possibilities!!

      • Years ago as a kid my mom took it up as a hobby, I made a couple myself and it was fun! tricky for the more intricate ones but so worth it, the only part that sucked was that I’d have to use my masterpiece sigh! :S
        I might take up crocheting again but before I take a trip somewhere, so people will see a 5’11 decent build man go through yarn lol 😉

          • OH I could so go broke with the stuff I would make and spending that kind of $ lol! the printer at NCIX is $1500 bucks before materials sooo :O

            It’s good to know there were guys crocheting too, It’s a useful skill that anyone should enjoy 🙂

  3. What a lovely picture you took! Thanks for the mention Danielle :). So glad you enjoyed the class. Feel free to send me an email (or two) if you’ve got any questions that pop up. Sometimes when you put your crochet down and pick it back up again it feels a bit “Greek” at first. You’ll be wearing your scarf in no time!

    • Thanks Natalie! I had a great time at your workshop at VMMF! 😀 I can’t wait to make more progress on my scarf – I’ll share photos when it’s finally done! 😀 hehe

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