How-to: Use VPN to Access Region-Locked LINE Stickers


If you are a LINE messenger app fan who lives in North America (like me), you may wonder how you can get your hands on the region-locked LINE stickers that are often only available to LINE users in Asia.

Here is a quick & easy step-by-step guide that will show you how you can use VPN to access these region-locked LINE stickers.

  1. First, link your LINE account with your Facebook. (Settings > Accounts > Facebook > Link)
    • Make sure to do this so that you do not wind up losing any of your existing account data (such as friends list, profile info, purchased stickers etc).
  2. Uninstall LINE from your phone.
  3. Sign up for a VPN service.
    • A good one I use is – they provide 500MB/ month of free data, more than enough to download a couple of new sticker packs every now & then.
  4. Download the SurfEasy VPN app & log in to your account.
  5. Select the Settings icon in the top left corner and tap ‘Select Region’.
  6. Tap ‘Singapore’ & ‘Install Profile’ when prompted.
    • Currently Singapore is the only Asian country supported by SurfEasy VPN. If you are using another VPN service, you may have access to other countries.
  7. Go to the app store to download & reinstall LINE.
  8. Sign in using Facebook.
  9. Navigate to the Sticker Shop (More > Sticker Shop) and you will now see the stickers available for Singapore.
  10. Download away!


Hope this helps! Let me know in the comments below if you have any questions. Happy LINE messaging! 😀


17 thoughts on “How-to: Use VPN to Access Region-Locked LINE Stickers

  1. Hi i just wanna ask. I want to reinstall the line app but i dont want my chat history to be deleted. Then what should i do? ty

    • Hi Sam, I believe the chat history is always deleted when you reinstall.
      If you want to save your chat history, you could go to each individual chat & “Export Chat History” for each of your chats. Hope this helps! 🙂

  2. i am not able to download the stickers followed by your instructions, i wonder if it is because it detect my phone number cuz it asked me to registered with my phone number again. even I linked my acct to fb.

  3. it seems i can see some stickers but not the ones in hong kong or chiense character, however, i wonder if i have to disconnect the vpn after i downloaded the stickers and if i have to uninstall and install LINE again?

    • Hi Jackie, I recently tried the same method I had described above, but it doesn’t seem to get all the Asian stickers anymore. This post was written in Feb, so I’m guessing LINE might have made some changes since then, to prevent access via this VPN changing method. I’m looking into other methods and will update with new info if I find another method that works. Cheers! 🙂

  4. Hey i use oneclickvpn here
    For example i choose japan vpn, and i go to line sticker shop, but i found nothing… I mean, the sticker shop was empty, except the original sticker (brown and cony) i couldn’t find japan’s sticker at all.
    I changed to spain and egypt, it’s all the same, empty sticker shop except the original ones.
    I didn’t register my phone number and my vpn status was connected.
    What am i supposed to do?

  5. It doesn’t work anymore! I think they blocked it now. Chat historics are saved so maybe it blocks something.

  6. Hello, I’m from Indonesia. I’m just wondering i was connecting to the Japan VPN, but when i open my line sticker, I can’t find any sticker that is region-locked by Japan. Can you help me?

  7. This really works, and MAYBE you need to remove your facebook-registered phone&location to make sure that the VPN works properly so your location(ip address) doesn’t get leaked

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