♨ Hot Chocolate Festival: Mink Chocolates

“Paula Dean White Trash Trainwreck”


I had to try this one because of its crazy ingredients! Hot chocolate with potato chips? Each ingredient appealed to me individually, but would they taste good together in a drink?

I was a little underwhelmed. The liquid drinking chocolate was very rich and flavourful. Kettle Chips are one of my favourite brands of chips. And I could never say no to whip cream. But this mix? It was literally a ‘train wreck’ (as its name so aptly implies):


“Paula Dean White Trash Trainwreck” is not a drink I would recommend to the faint of heart – this caloric mashup is decadent beyond belief. Drink at your own (health) risk! Haha 😛

➨ To read more about other Hot Chocolate Festival places I’ve tried, check out my main Festival post here.

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