♨ Hot Chocolate Festival: Koko Monk

“The Brunette Bangle” & “The Proposition


“The Brunette Bangle” is a spicy hot chocolate drink with a distinctive Indian curry taste. Curry and hot chocolate, you ask? I had doubts about how this one would taste, but I was pleasantly surprised! The curry contrasted with the chocolate flavour, and made each mouthful taste really warm & fuzzy!

“The Proposition” was rich & viscous, strong on the rum & eggnog flavour.

We had shortbread and chocolava cookies with our hot chocolates. I loved the shortbread one! The chocolava one was a little chunky and had a lot of icing – a bit too sweet when paired with the rich hot chocolates.


Overall, the two flavours offered here during the Festival were really interesting & unique. The curry one is a must-try!

➨ To read more about other Hot Chocolate Festival places I’ve tried, check out my main Festival post here.

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