♨ Hot Chocolate Festival: Bella Gelateria

This is Bella Gelateria’s Hot Chocolate Festival menu! Their Hot ChocolatO combos include a gBAR (gelato bar) to dip, a cup of hot chocolate, and a half-slice of Erin Ireland’s famous To Die For Banana Bread!


“London Foggy”


For those who love the earl grey & vanilla flavour, this is the hot chocolate drink for you! Rich & smooth, it went really well with the banana bread!

“Black Magic”


This is my favourite Festival drink so far! The rich taste of matcha & sesame from the gBAR blended amazingly well with the white hot chocolate. I could taste heaven in every sip!

Everything in Bella Gelateria’s Hot Chocolate Festival menu sounds so delicious! There is no doubt I will be returning to try a few other flavours there!

➨ To read more about other Hot Chocolate Festival places I’ve tried, check out my main Festival post here.

cup mini logo 2

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