IFTTT Simplifies Your Life With Nifty “Recipes”

Recently, I discovered a nifty little tool called IFTTT (“If This Then That”). Their tagline is, “Put the internet to work for you.


In essence, this tool allows you to make custom, easy-to-build connections (“recipes”) between your favourite everyday services & devices – to simplify activities such as cross-posting, or just simply auto-archiving your created & curated content.

Here are my first 2 Recipes – simple, yet powerfully time-saving!


For the longest time (since Instagram pulled their support for Twitter cards), I had wanted to streamline my Instagram to Twitter posting to include a pic.twitter.com photo attachment (so that the photo would show up in-stream on Twitter feeds). The standard Twitter sharing option within Instagram only posts a link to the photo, without displaying the actual photo in-stream on Twitter. Prior to using IFTTT to create this recipe, I had to manually compose a tweet each time I wanted to cross-post any new Instagram photo – with an upload of the Instagram photo, a copy-pasted Instagram URL for the photo, & and whatever caption I had used on my Instagram photo.

Now my IFTTT recipe does it all automatically for me!

Give it a try yourself at https://ifttt.com/, or download their free iPhone app: IFTTT (iTunes App Store)

Let me know if you create any neat recipes; I would love to try them out!


8 thoughts on “IFTTT Simplifies Your Life With Nifty “Recipes”

  1. Instagram has the Twitter button before posting a new photo though. Do you mean it posts the photo on Twitter as a link instead of a picture file? (I’ve never tweeted a photo through Instagram before)

    • Yep! That Twitter button that you see in Instagram only posts a link to the photo, and doesn’t display the actual photo image on your Twitter post. So this recipe is useful if you want to have the actual photo image showing up directly on your Twitter post! 😀 Hope this explanation helps!

      Give this recipe a try the next time you want to tweet one of your Instagram photos! You can customize the particular conditions for which action should be taken too, so that not every single photo you upload has to get tweeted! 😉 Let me know if you want me to show you the next time we meet up! hehe

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