How-to: Quickly Redeem Starbucks’ “Pick of the Week” with iOS7 Camera

Love Starbucks’ “Pick of the Week” promo? Since its inception, this neat promotion has been giving Starbucks customers a free download on iTunes every Tuesday.  The free content varies from week to week, and includes apps, music, movies, TV episodes, and much more!

Starbucks: “Pick of the Week” (photo:

Earlier this month, Starbucks updated their “Pick of the Week” promo cards to make redemption a whole lot simpler!

Customers running iOS7 may now use their device camera to make the redemption.

Prior to this update, customers had to manually enter the long string of redemption code characters into the iTunes Store.

Here’s a quick guide on how to redeem your free “Pick of the Week” content on your iPhone or iPad:

“Pick of the Week” redemption process

  1. Pick up a “Pick of the Week” promo card from your neighbourhood Starbucks.
  2. Each promo card has a unique redemption code on the back.
  3. On your device, open the App Store. Tap “Featured”, and scroll to the bottom. Tap “Redeem”.
  4. Tap “Use Camera”.
  5. Aim your camera at the redemption code on the back of the promo card. The scanner will auto-focus & pick up the code.
  6. Voilà! Your free content will begin downloading immediately!

Have you downloaded Starbucks’ “Pick of the Week” content before? What do you think of this new method of redemption?


4 thoughts on “How-to: Quickly Redeem Starbucks’ “Pick of the Week” with iOS7 Camera

  1. Useful! I don’t know why they insist on hiding their redemption flow like that. I actually sometimes procrastinate on redeeming the cards because I’m too lazy to remember where redeem is hidden

  2. Wow thanks for that tip! You know. I’ve had as many a 4 stray Pick of the Week cards roaming around the bottom of my purse waiting for me to get around to typing in those codes! This sounds much easier 🙂

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