“Zero to Hero” Day 4: Hello, Neighbours!

Active engagement is very important in every thriving community, and the blogging community is no exception. In today’s “Zero to Hero” challenge, we were asked to explore the community, follow 5 new topics in our Reader (blog feed), and begin finding blogs (& bloggers) to follow.

5 New Topics

Based on my interests, these were the 5 topics I chose to follow:

  • zerotohero
    To discover & connect with other “Zero to Hero” bloggers participating in this 30-day challenge!
  • food
    To discover new restaurants / cuisines to try, and to pick up a tip or two from other food bloggers!
  • technology & tech
    To stay up-to-date on the latest tech news.
  • social media
    To explore the latest scoop on social media trends.
  • photography
    To admire the beauty of the world through the lenses of other photographers, and maybe gain some new photo shooting knowledge!

Through browsing the above topic tags, I was able to find several interesting new blogs to follow and interact with.

Community Engagement

(Image from Google)

Since today’s topic is all about building one’s community here on WordPress, I thought I’d write a bit about community engagement in this post.

I am by no means a community expert, but here are some of my insights – from personal observations, and from exposure to topics surrounding community building.

I believe that true community engagement involves a lot more than just a simple “Follow“.  As observed on many occasions here on WordPress as well as on other social media channels such as Instagram & Twitter, people tend to do this: Follow a large number of other users (mostly found at random) -> fail to interact with any of said users’ content -> hope to get a follow back (and possibly more activity on their own profile).

Truth be told, doing what I described above will probably get you a large number of followers – people who just blindly follow you back.  This is all fine and dandy if follower count is all you care about. If, however, what you actually care about is building a truly engaged readership, doing the above isn’t going to cut it. All you will get from doing that is a bunch of “phantom followers” – people who don’t give two hoots about interacting with you or your content.

Here’s what I think: Sincere interactions help build a much more engaged community.

So, the next time you decide to start following a blog, be sure to also take some time to read a couple of that blogger’s posts, and interact with them by leaving a meaningful response in their Comments section!

I would love to hear your thoughts & feedback on this topic – How do you go about building an engaged community for your blog (or other social media channels)?



2 thoughts on ““Zero to Hero” Day 4: Hello, Neighbours!

  1. I’ve honestly never really played with the reader so I have little idea how wordpress discovery works. I also don’t really get vanity follows… i guess that’s more important to some people :p

    • You should check out the Reader, it’s quite useful for following not just individual blogs, but also topics you might be interested in!
      And yea.. I never did get it either (re: vanity follows / phantom followers). 😛

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