Aphrodite’s Organic Café and Pie Shop

After hearing the Mealshare team pitch at #hatch Vancouver, I was greatly intrigued by their initiative, and eager to see for myself what Mealshare was all about!

Looking over the list of Mealshare partner restaurants in Vancouver, I discovered that Aphrodite’s Organic Café and Pie Shop had the highest number of meals shared via Mealshare so far (over 1,000!). So I decided to visit Aphrodite’s for dinner, as well as for brunch, on 2 separate occasions.


My first visit there was for dinner – we ordered (clockwise from left) the Spinach Feta Pot Pie (a Mealshare item), the Tourtiere, and a pot of Namasthé Jasmine Green Dragon tea:


The tea was extremely soothing to the palate. It retained its flavor even after 3 hot water refills to the pot. Absolutely perfect for that cold winter night!

Although I’m generally not big on vegetarian options (I’m a meat lover!), I found the Spinach Feta Pot Pie to be extremely robust in flavour. It was a pleasant surprise indeed!

Spinach Feta Pot Pie

The Tourtiere was very meaty! It was generously stuffed with lean ground pork & mushrooms, and seasoned with sage, thyme, cinnamon & clove!


What really blew me away was the pie crust. It was baked to perfection – crumbly, and not too dry nor too sticky.

Both pies were served with a side of organic garden greens. I loved the fresh crisp veggies, crunchy seeds & zesty salad dressing!

On my 2nd visit to Aphrodite’s, I had brunch there with a friend.


The place looks different in the day, but still has a pretty homely atmosphere! You can also see the unique Papier Mâché dolls hanging from the ceiling more clearly! (I love ’em!!)

Based on my recommendation, my friend tried (& enjoyed!) what I had ordered on my previous visit – the Spinach Feta Pot Pie. I had the Ham and Emmental Quiche. The quiche was filled with artisan ham, emmental, capers roasted tomato, and herbs & Dijon, all blended with eggs and cream. The taste was quite eggy, and the ingredients starkly fresh. Not particularly spectacular, but still delicious nonetheless!

We also ordered a pot of organic Camomile tea. Camomile is one of my favourite teas, and this one from Namasthé was a delight, with its calming & lightly flowery scent!

Clockwise from left: Ham and Emmental Quiche, organic Camomile tea, & Spinach Feta Pot Pie

More about Mealshare


Every time you order a Mealshare branded menu item at participating Mealshare restaurants, Mealshare provides a meal through either Mission Possible (a local Vancouver charity) or Children’s Hunger Fund, to feed someone in need!

Stay tuned for my upcoming Mealshare interview article on Hello Vancity to learn more about them & their awesome initiative!

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