HootSuite University: Social Media certified!

One of my personal growth goals for December was to get my HootSuite Professional social media certification from HootSuite University.


I’m proud to announce that I took the exam last night & am now happily certified! 😀



I’ve learnt so much from the HootSuite University online social media course materials this past month or so! The HOOT 100- and 200-level courses covered topics such as HootSuite dashboard set-up & use, social listening, team collaboration, community engagement, and measuring analytics to analyze social media efforts and campaigns.

Although there were many areas covered that I was already familiar with (from my regular use of HootSuite), I did manage to pick up some new social media management skills & a handful of nifty tips!


Post-certification, I find that it is still worthwhile to remain enrolled in HSU, as there are many other modules, exams, & webinars that cover a broad range of Social Media topics. The learning really never ends!

For anyone looking to get an introduction to the world of social media management & grow their social media knowledge, I highly recommend enrolling in HSU!

As an added bonus, all HSU grads are listed in HootSuite’s ‘Certified Professionals’ Social Media Consultant Directory, as long as you remain enrolled:


Have you heard of or undergone any Social Media education / certification? Do drop me a comment if you happen to know of other good resources for further learning in this field!


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