A Twitter-activated Vending Machine by TELUS

(image from Futurama)

The vending machine – a common, everyday sight in most cultures. On its own, not a particularly interesting entity. But what if you combined this simple appliance with the power of new technology and social media?

Last year, South African beverage company BOS Ice Tea made news headlines with what was possibly the world’s first Twitter-activated vending machine:

(photo from digitaltrends.com)

Over here in Vancouver, TELUS set the twitterverse abuzz yesterday with the launch of their Twitter-activated Critter Campaign vending machine:

TELUS’ Twitter-activated vending machine

When in front of the machine, users simply send out a tweet with the hashtag #hometweethome, & the randomly generated number displayed on-screen, to activate the toy vending! Here’s my tweet:

…and this was the cute little panda I received from the vending machine:

my little TELUS panda!

Check out this Vine video from TELUS showing the vending machine in action!

The Critter Campaign vending machine will be at Pacific Centre’s atrium till this Saturday!

TELUS will be donating $1 to WWF Canada for every tweet and Instagram photo that includes the hashtag #hometweethome, so get tweetin’ & Instagrammin’!

(image from TELUS)

What an innovative community initiative for a great cause!

To find out more about TELUS’ Critter Campaign, check out givewherewelive.ca.


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