Tuc Craft Kitchen in Gastown

Earlier this week, I met up with 2 of my foodie friends for lunch in Gastown. We decided to try Tuc Craft Kitchen, a tucked away (excuse my pun!) restaurant on W. Cordova.  The first thing that struck me upon entry was the gorgeous rustic decor:


After a quick look at the lunch menu, I decided to get the beef brisket & pork crackling sandwich combo:

beef brisket & pork crackling sandwich, smashed potato fries

It came with a side of smashed potato fries, served with a zesty sauce that had a curry-like flavour. I loved the fries! They were crisp, and the potatoes were done just right – neither too hard nor too soft. The sandwich itself was a little disappointing. I didn’t expect the brisket meat to be a cold cut – I had been hoping it would be a piping hot sandwich! The pork crackling bits were delicious though – crunchy & crispy!

My foodie friends Felix & BA had the chicken runsas & soup, and the mini shepherd’s pie & soup respectively. Here’s what they each have to say about their dishes:

chicken runsas & soup | mini shepherd’s pie & soup

“The runsas du jour, a chicken and cabbage pie, was overpowered by the cheese. However having wine on tap made up for the shortcomings.” – Felix (@felixtin)

“The mini shepherd’s pie was inventive and tasty. Two small potions make it easy to share with a friend!” – BA (@tweetinteddy)

In summary, Tuc Craft Kitchen offers up beautifully presented food, in a rustic space. A chill place to go grab a bite with friends in the Gastown neighbourhood!

Tuc Craft Kitchen on Urbanspoon


2 thoughts on “Tuc Craft Kitchen in Gastown

  1. The decor certainly gives that very welcoming feeling, I do like how they maximized the space by putting single seatings in the middle. I’m not sure I would want cold cut brisket either though but that shepherd’s pie ‘n soup looks goooood :9

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