#VanCM: “Measuring What Matters”

Data Measurement for Community Managers


Monday after work, I attended this interesting & informative meetup – where HootSuite speakers Alyssa (@AlyssaMK) & Connor (@ConnorMeaks) spoke about measuring data in a community.  Although I’m not a Community Manager by profession, I’ve always found metrics analysis, data management, and community-related topics fascinating! It was interesting to learn about measuring the impact of one’s content on the community.


Key takeaways from the presentation:

What to measure?

HootSuite measures…

  • The Thing
    – the essence of who you are, what your brand is
  • The People
    – not just how many, but also how they are behaving / engaging with you
  • The Content
    – all content, how it was shared


Community content is King” – Alyssa
(as opposed to the usual saying “Content is King“)

How to measure?

Tools HootSuite uses…

At the end of the evening, I left with fresh insight on data measurement, plus a sweet #HootKit courtesy of HootSuite!


Thanks Alyssa & Connor for sharing your expertise & knowledge on this topic!

To read more about this event, check out net2van‘s Storify event report (with some of my content featured!).


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