The first ever #hatch Vancouver!

“Where ideas come alive”


#hatch: Bridging the gap between good ideas and great action


Attended this creative brainstorming event last night at HiVE Vancouver, a hip & happening co-working space in the heart of Gastown!

The pitches:

  1. Early Entrepreneurs
  2. Introverted changemakers
  3. Coworking with childcare
  4. Mealshare
  5. Community Craft Beer Lab
  6. Sincerely Slow
  7. Inner City Farms

The ones that interested me most were pitches 4, 2, and 7.

For the 1st rotation, I sat down with the Mealshare team (pitch 4) & learnt more about their awesome “buy one, give one” meal sharing idea to help feed those in need! I feel that one of the ways they could increase awareness for their initiative is through leveraging the local food blogging community (ie, foodies like me!).

For the 2nd rotation, I joined the table for pitch 2. Trina Isakson’s idea was to write & publish a book about introverted changemakers. Her main struggle was in finding a variety of successful introverted people to interview.  She also faced difficulties explaining to others (in a simple way) what being introverted truly was. My suggestion for addressing that was to create a simple animated comic video clip to illustrate her point, as visuals usually help explain things a little more simply.


For the 3rd (and final) rotation of the evening, I joined the Inner City Farms team, as food-related ideas always interest me! I was a little disappointed to find out that they were a for-profit company (as opposed to being a non-profit one). Their idea was still pretty neat though – a Community Shared Agriculture (CSA) model for growing vegetables in residential plots, to create a sustainable local urban farming community in Vancouver. Some of the difficulties they faced revolved around requesting for funding from other corporations, to support costs of running the business.

At the end of the evening, each of the pitchers presented a summary of their solutions & next steps, based on the brainstormed discussions they’ve had with everyone. It was truly inspiring to see each group of pitchers benefit from everyone else’s suggestions & ideas! I was happy to be a part of this event & glad to contribute some of my ideas & feedback too!

Check out #hatch Vancouver’s Facebook page to find out more about this brilliant social innovation community effort!


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