Learning Never Stops!

Earlier this year in April, I enrolled in my first ever MOOC (Massive Open Online Course) – a Gamification course offered by UPenn & Coursera.


It was an amazingly enriching experience. In the span of 6 weeks, a professor from this Ivy League university taught me (& thousands of other students worldwide!) so much about a topic that had always intrigued me! Best part of it all? I was able to do this learning from the comfort of my own home, in my free time! After I had completed the course, I received a Statement of Accomplishment from UPenn & Coursera, and walked away with many useful insights about gamification and its applications – to projects I was working on at work, as well as to my personal life!

I really love the idea of online learning. With my ongoing endeavor to become a stellar online content producer, I’ve embarked on yet another MOOC – Open2Study‘s Writing for the Web!

logo O2SWriteWebIntro

The course started yesterday! I’ve already picked up some great tips for producing quality content, as well as taken note of the key elements that make a good website.

I was pleasantly surprised to see elements of gamification in the Open2Study site. They have a badge reward system that motivates students to perform certain tasks (like filling out their profile, connecting with a friend, etc) and also incentivizes excellence in quizzes & assessments!


My Open2Study home

Another site I’ve just started online learning at (to brush up on my dusty coding skills!), Codecademy, also applies gamification. Check out the cute badges I’ve earned so far:


My Codecademy home

In addition to the above MOOCs, I’m also excited to get started on HootSuite University courses online – to optimize my social media management skills!

It is my belief that learning never stops. So what are you waiting for? Whether you are a working professional, current student, or simply just a curious-minded individual, there is always something out there to learn! Go check out some of these great online learning sites – and open your mind to a whole world of knowledge!

Coursera | Khan Academy | Codecademy | edX | Udacity | Open2Study

Do drop me a comment below if you happen to know of other great online learning portals!

Happy Learning! 🙂


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