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#HootUpCraft – A Holiday Bootcamp for Crafters 

Last Monday, I attended my very first “HootUp” – a community meetup for HootSuite users. This HootUp’s theme was holiday craft fairs – and how to leverage Social Media marketing in craft sales.

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Jenna & Chandler from Make It Vancouver gave a presentation with lots of useful tips for crafters selling at local craft shows/fairs.

Here are the main takeaways from their presentation:

  • Inventory control is key – write down everything; use a calendar
  • Keep up on your social media to keep customers informed
  • Clear signage at your stall; price tag everything
  • Have items ranging in price – to attract buyers of all budgets
  • Keep stall display visually interesting
  • Give customers room to shop – don’t overcrowd
  • Have FUN!

photo 4

Next up, Marina (@maritostes87) & Elaiza (@ElaizaDatar) from HootSuite discussed the Social Media side of things.

They talked about building a community around your crafts – growing interactions that inspire.

Key takeaways from their presentations:

  • Cultivate relationships with people who are passionate about your brand
  • Create experiences that make people feel warm & fuzzy
  • It’s all about story telling – Be interesting. Be passionate. Share meaningful stories.
  • Make sure your story (branding) is consistent across the different platforms you use (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, etc)

They also demonstrated how HootSuite could help in marketing one’s own small crafts business, touching on features such as activity tracking, search lists & filters, and various other built-in tools.

photo 5

Although I don’t have a crafts business (I craft just for fun!), my interest in crafting & learning more about social media marketing was what drew me to attend this HootUp. In addition to the new knowledge gained, this event was also a whole lot of fun! All of us got to decorate a Plush Owly with crafting supplies, and have our decorated Owly take part in a dress-up contest. There certainly was an abundance of creativity displayed by my fellow crafters!

HootSuite sent a follow-up email to all attendees after the event.  The email included a link to experience 30 days of free HootSuite Pro & HootSuite University.. Sweet! I’m excited to get started on trying these out, as there must be so much more to learn about this useful social media management tool! Will be blogging more about my learnings in the coming days.

It was also pretty neat to see my photo from the HootUp used in the follow-up email:


Thanks HootSuite for hosting this event! 🙂


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