Get Down to Business!


On Wednesday Oct 30, I took the day off work to attend Small Business BC‘s Event, “Get Down to Business! Grow Your Business with Email & Social Media Marketing”.

photo 2

The morning started off with catered breakfast & networking. I managed to meet & chat with some very interesting small business owners, sharing marketing insights & talking about our passions.

The first speaker of the day was Guy Steeves (@GuySteeves) of Small Business BC. Guy spoke about Email Marketing.

Here are the main takeaways from his presentation:

  • Email marketing gets your message HEARD; Social Media marketing gets your message SHARED.
  • 3 things to take note of for email marketing:
    1. Who is it “from”? – Don’t be ambiguous here.
    2. What’s the “subject”?  – Make it compelling!
      • 2 seconds to get a person’s attention
      • first 2 words are key
      • TODAY – why should they open your email today?
    3. When do you send? – Appropriate times & dates; experiment with a-b testing to determine best times
  • Best times to send email newsletters are Tue, Wed, Thur, 10am – 2pm, YOUR time zone
  • Always ask for permission (never stick people on your mailing lists without consent)
  • What to write about in the email newsletters?
    • What do you know that they don’t?
    • Less is more; Focus.
    • Be your authentic self.

Next up was Jeanette (@JeanetteG), VP Community of HootSuite. Jeanette spoke about Social Media for Business.

photo (2)

Some key points she touched on were:

  • Building Communities
  • Integration
  • Creating a relationship
  • Joining the conversation
  • Being authentic
  • Having a 2-way communication

In addition to the above points, she also discussed about setting up one’s Social Media strategy:

Four steps – “POST“:

  1. People – Assess what your customers are doing.
  2. Objectives – What do you want to accomplish by using Social Media?
  3. Strategy – How will you go about doing it, such that change will be seen in your customers’ behaviours?
  4. Technology – Decide on which social media channels & tools you want to use.

She also highlighted examples of some companies that are doing great with their social media engagement. Among the list were: @TransLink, @Car2Go, @CaffeArtigiano, @arcteryx, @bloheartsyou, and @VegaTeam. Each of these companies are experiencing success with their social media marketing, because they were doing things like celebrating the community of their customers, sharing visual stories to build brand loyalty, and solving customer issues.

The following are 7 key takeaways from Jeanette’s talk, as seen in her presentation slide below:

photo 1

  1. Map your customer listening journey
    – Create social listening plan & process
  2. Set goals
    – What are you trying to accomplish?
  3. Optimize & integrate your social presence
    – How will customers find you & connect with you?
  4. Embrace video
    – Learn & leverage the power of video
  5. Become a Storyteller
    – Share your passion via #hashtags & photos
  6. Build your engagement team
    – Uncover your experts & get them involved
  7. Be flexible and adjust along the way
    – Be willing to experiment & learn from your community

For a person with no prior formal marketing training or background, the two talks were a great crash course in marketing!

photo 4 photo 3

Joined the Twitter discussion (#SBM13 hashtag saved stream) using HootSuite during the event | Took lots of notes!

Thanks, Small Business BC, for hosting this event! I’ve managed to learn more about these 2 areas of online marketing (email, and social media marketing), as well as understand more about leveraging social media as a platform for modern day marketing.


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