Vancouver Sun Run 2013


This year marked the 29th anniversary of Canada’s largest 10K road race, the Vancouver Sun Run. For me, this was my 6th straight year running it! 😛

In light of the recent Boston Marathon tragedy, the start line balloons at the Sun Run this year were blue & yellow as opposed to the usual rainbow colors. Sun Runners were also encouraged to wear blue and/or yellow in honor of the victims of the deadly Boston Marathon bombings.

IMG_20130421_143844 IMG_20130419_225555

My timing this year was one of my worst times for 10K – 1:23:20. This was expected though, as I hadn’t been training, nor had I been pushing hard to strengthen my buggy knees after last year’s running injuries. I had approached this year’s Sun Run with the mindset that it was just an opportunity for me to be part of this wonderful local running event, so I didn’t attempt to compete against my pre-injury self for my best run time. My goal for this Sun Run was merely to finish the race in a timely fashion, and that I did! 🙂

IMG_20130421_145008 IMG_20130421_165522

After the race, it was time to indulge in some delicious brunch!


Prestons‘ ham eggs benedict was absolutely delightful! I especially loved their hollandaise sauce. The potato chunks were alright, but not really to my liking as they were a tad too hard. PB’s “Hangover Hash” looked pretty, and the fresh cut potatoes in that dish tasted awesome!

Now that the Sun Run is over.. it’s time to get working on strengthening my buggy knees for my next race! Cheers! 😀


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